Date Night and Dating Guide For Las Vegas Locals

Anyone willing to take the risk to date in Las Vegas is a super hero in our book (no, not like the kind you see down on Fremont Street). No, this is not a jaded remark or anything like that. Dating in Las Vegas is just a beast of its own and unlike dating in any other city in the world.

Is that a good thing? Well, it really depends on how you slice it. For the most part, locals that have been here for a while and on the scene would tell you it’s a tough ride somewhat synonymous with the same difficulty level of trying to navigate the strip when it’s fight weekend or the President is in town. You know, a pleasant and simple experience. Insert eye roll…

This guide is not put together to try and turn everyone into monks and nuns and get you to strap on a chastity belt for all of time (though the dating safety section might argue otherwise). What we’re aiming to do here is give new and seasoned Las Vegas locals a tool box full of information to help you conquer the dating scene in this city.

This guide will be rather extensive, and we’re always going to be adding to it so continue to check back if you haven’t found Mr. or Mrs. Right or if you have and are looking to spice things up, so you don’t have to end up back out in the wild.

While we recommend that you read through the entire guide, we have split things up into convenient sections to help you better find the information you’re looking for if you’ve come here on a specific quest. All in all, be safe out there and we hope this guide helps you on the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right…or Mr. or Mrs. Right Now.

Meeting Local Singles in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Local Man Dating

If you subscribe to the quantity is greater than quality mantra, then you are going to LOVE dating in Las Vegas. For the rest of us that would rather live a life of solitude than having to deal with one more ‘roided-out moron or “woo girl”, it creates some issues. While the dating pool in Las Vegas is fairly large and always growing, it seems to rank fairly low on the quality scale.

But!!! This does NOT mean there aren’t some quality gems hiding in the rough. You’re here looking, right? We guarantee there are more of you out there that are taking the time to try and find quality in this town (or our Google traffic statistics are lying to us). The secret is that you just need to know where to look for what it is that you are trying to find.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re looking for these quality mates at places that are frequented by locals. If you’re looking for a one and done, the strip is your playground. For those looking for something that might be lasting or at least someone that will remember your name, you need to be a bit more strategic about where you go searching.

Your Friends Are Always Your Best Bet

If you’ve got quality friends that care about you, they’re going to be your biggest asset in your search for dates. If your friends are garbage, well…you may have bigger problems that we can’t fix here today. Granted, maybe a “How to Make Friends in Vegas” guide could be something we add to the to-do list.

Why are your friends your best bet here? This is for a couple of reasons. First, they know you best, and if they care about you, they aren’t going to set you up with someone who is dangerous, douchey, or dumb. They’re almost like a first round interviewer that can pre-qualify people for you.

The secret is not to become annoying, or you will cut off this source. Here are the steps we recommend to using your friends to meet other local singles in Las Vegas.

  1. Let them know you are looking. Your friends can’t help you find people unless they know you are actively on the prowl. Remember, you only have to let them know once…not every 15 minutes.
  2. Take them up on their suggestions and actually go on dates. They’ll stop recommending people to you if you never actually go out with anyone and give them a shot.
  3. Give them feedback on how things went. This will help them to give you better possible dates in the future and will also make them feel included in the process which they are probably excited about.
  4. Do not forget to thank them. Seriously, they’re doing a lot for you even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Happy Hours over Clubs

“Soooo… ummm… would you wanna like… I don’t know… would you maybe want to… go out with me sometime?” Ahh, nothing like the sounds of a gentleman or lady attempting to ask someone out to the wonderful tunes of their ear drums being blown out.

We have nothing against clubs. Frankly, we love going to them and dancing our faces off. The problem is, though, they’re not the best of places to meet that special someone. Is it possible? Of course, it is, but it’s a lot less likely.

The problem with clubs is that you’re already playing roulette with whether or not the person you meet actually lives here. On top of that, it’s usually impossible to have a normal conversation without screaming. Frankly, it’s hard to tell if you’re going to get along well with someone just by grinding up against them. If you can figure that out through hip gyrations, you’re a wizard.

Happy hours are a much better alternative to find potential mates. You get a crowd that is almost exclusively local, you don’t have to spend a gagillion dollars, and it usually involves the working crowd that tends to have their lives somewhat together. The latter is not always true, but it’s more often true than it’s false. You’re also able to have a conversation that can help you figure out if this person is worth you spending additional time with them.

We don’t mean happy hour on the strip!!! We are referring to happy hours at local bars and pubs around the city away from the strip. Going to Happy Hour at Twin Peaks on the strip will not help your cause here. (No offense to Twin Peaks, of course)

Great Date Ideas for Las Vegas Locals

Whether you’re going out for a first date or going out for a date with your significant other of 20 years, we’ve put together some helpful tips and suggestions for a great date night in Las Vegas. While we think classic dates like dinner and a movie and such are great, we’re looking more to share creative and out of the box ideas with you here.

For those deadest on the classic dinner and a movie, we do have a restaurant guide and a movie theater guide both coming soon for you! Until then, you’re on your own. (We have faith in you, though).

So let’s talk date night ideas…

A Shameless Plug For Plug In Vegas

When we started our company, inexpensive date ideas was the main driving force. We wanted to create a way for local singles to go on a lot of dates without spending an arm and a leg. Plug In Vegas allows Vegas locals to get 2 free tickets every single day to shows, events, concerts, comedy clubs, and more in town for only $8 a month. Pay $8 once, and you can go on a free date every single night of the month. (Granted you would probably lose your mind if you did that, but the option is there).

The best part? Your date never knows that you’re using our service. You pick up your tickets at the box office just like people that have paid for their tickets. And even if they did know, they’d probably think it was awesome.

It’s the perfect way to show you’re cultured, connected with the city, know what’s going on, and the best part is you don’t have to kill your wallet. If you’re interested in getting signed up, we’ve posted the link here. If you’re dating in Vegas without Plug In, you are either uber-wealthy and don’t like money or are crazy.

There are never any contracts or commitments. You can cancel at any time.


A Few General Tips First

  1. Read our shameless plug above 🙂
  2. There are more things to do in this town than just going to the strip. So many people get caught up in the strip when they move out here and forget that the rest of the town is filled with so many other fun things to do.
  3. As opposed to normal cities, there are special events and unique things to do every night of the week. In some cities, you are stuck waiting for the weekend. But in Vegas, we have shows, events, festivals, and happenings that are top-notch every night of the week.
  4. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to do something fun and memorable in this city. A little creativity and knowledge will go a long, long way. If you can’t have fun with someone unless you are spending a ton of money, that person might not be the right one for you. We’re sure Dr. Phil said that at some point???

Cultural Date Night Ideas

One of the best things you can do on a first date is to show off that you are cultured or at least are capable of pretending to be. For those of you that have been together for years, it’s never too late to jump on the “cultured” train.

(Click the logo for more information at their website)

The Natural History Museum of Las Vegas is actually a ton of fun. They’re open from 9 am -4 pm seven days a week and have a ton of awesome interactive exhibits for you and your date to enjoy. You don’t have to be a history or science nerd to enjoy this. Admission is only $12 a person and you can definitely spend several hours here easily checking things out.

If it’s a first date, you can always look up what exhibits they have before you go and read up on stuff so you sound extra smart and knowledgeable. A unique date like this shows you’re into education and we hear that intelligence is sexy.

(Click the logo for more information at their website)

Continuing with another museum, the National Atomic Testing Museum is another fun and interactive date idea. If you’re worried about keeping conversation going, a place like this is perfect because there are a ton of different things that you can talk about. The moving and walking nature of the museum is also a nice change from the mundane sit and talk type dates.

Tickets were $22 last we checked but you may or may not be able to find them for cheaper on Groupon or another daily deal site.

The Dreaded World of Online Dating

Vegas Online Dating

Ahhh, the wonderful and beautiful world of the world wide web. Where trolls and creeps are free to roam and masquerade as real-world Romeos and Juliets. Judging by the above picture, you’re probably expecting us to bash online dating to smithereens. Surprisingly, you’d be wrong! Online dating is ACTUALLY a fantastic option in Las Vegas…with its caveats of course.

For the longest time, online dating has gotten a terrible wrap was viewed as a source only for the completely hopeless or the creepiest of creeps of the world. While that was probably true for a while, the world is a changing. Online dating has now become a means for people with busy lives to try and meet that someone special.

Online Dating Tips for Vegas

  1. Be careful. Seriously. Even though the industry has changed a lot over the years, Vegas can still be a scary city with some scary people. Make sure you follow our precautions we’ve listed in the dating safety section below and always go with your gut.
  2. Take things slow. You’re going to be like a kid in a candy store with all of the options available at your fingertips within one minute of signing up. It’s easy to get yourself overwhelmed and then jaded and suddenly hating dating again. Think of online dating like Skittles. They’re amazing if you eat a few of them at a time but if you eat too many at once, your mouth is going to have that weird burning taste and your stomach is going to hurt.
  3. Be an adult. Remember, everyone else on the site is someone just like you trying to find something. Tell the truth, be forward, be kind, and again, above all, be safe.

Dating Site Options

If you’re looking to get started dating online, we highly recommend that you take it slow and make sure that you join a reputable site that has a lot to offer you. We’ve found these online dating reviews and recommendations are pretty accurate and should give you a good idea of where to start.

Vegas Dating Safety

Locked Dating Heart

We always have a lot of fun in our guides but every now and then we turn on our serious face and get down to important business. We only do this when we think something is of the utmost importance and dating safety for our Vegas friends makes that list.

We’ve put together a few tips that you should read and take to heart to keep yourself safe. These apply whether you are a man or a woman and whether it’s the first date or you’ve been dating for a while (yes, some of these will start to apply less and less the more you get to know someone).

Sadly we live in a scary world, so it’s up to us to do our best to protect ourselves.

  1. Be careful with what personal information you put online or give to someone you just met. Keep your last name, where you live, and pertinent information about your job and family to yourself until you are comfortable enough to share it. If a date doesn’t work out and the person turns out to be scary, you don’t want them to know where you live or where you work.
  2. ALWAYS tell your friends who you are going with and where you are going on a date. Let them know that you will be checking in with them AFTER the date as well. This way they can ensure that everything went ok and you made it home safe.
  3. NEVER meet at your house or their house on the first date (or even the first few dates). Meet them in public, drive yourself there, and make sure they don’t follow you or anything crazy like that when you leave. You may be rolling your eyes at the last part but this stuff does happen, and you need to be careful. If they insist on meeting at your house or theirs or picking you up, this may be a red flag.
  4. Watch out for ANY red flags or warning signs. If something feels off, leave the situation immediately. Don’t stay in a potentially dangerous situation just to avoid awkwardness.
  5. Keep an eye on how much you drink. Losing control of your inhibitions might sound fun, but it’s also extremely dangerous when you’re with someone you don’t know that well. This goes for men and women. If you do drink too much, get a taxi or an Uber home. It’s worth a few bucks to make sure that you are safe.
  1. Be upfront about your intentions and speak definitively. If you are not comfortable with something that is happening, say something. You NEVER have to do anything you don’t want to do. If someone ever tries to push you further, this is a serious red flag.
  2. Have fun, but safe fun. Dating is scary, and it’s always going to feel awkward at first unless you’re a superhero. Just remember safety first!