House Seats Las Vegas – Free Premium Tickets for Locals

If you’re looking for house seats in Las Vegas or you’ve heard about it and want to know what they are, you’ve come to the right place. House seats, by definition, are premium show tickets that management has set aside for important people (like you) to use. In other words, they are free show tickets that if you know the right people, you can take advantage of at no cost (and we’re about to show you how)!

In Las Vegas, with literally thousands of shows throughout town (both on The Strip and off The Strip), there are a lot of these special house seats available. How do you get your hands on these tickets? Well, there are two ways.

  • Number one—if you’re a high roller at the casino and you have a host, you’ll get offered Las Vegas house seats all the time along with other perks (hotel, dining, travel, etc.).
  • Number two—if you’re a local, you can actually get secret access to house seats in Las Vegas through Plug In Vegas! Keep reading to learn how to get access today.

If you’re not a casino high roller but you still want to get access to these amazing house seats in Las Vegas, we have you covered. Plug In Vegas, our private entertainment club for locals, has built partnerships with show producers, casino box offices, promoters, and event planners giving us unprecedented private access to these tickets.

What does that mean for you? A lot! It means you too can get access to these free house seat tickets.

All you have to do is sign up for a Plug In Vegas membership, show proof that you are in fact a Las Vegas local, and then you’ll get free access to use these incredible house seats! Here’s the type of show you can get tickets to and we’ve included a link below to learn more and get signed up.

One of the most popular questions people have when they hear about this concept is what shows are available as house seats in Las Vegas. The answer is that pretty much any ticketed event could be offered. This includes concerts, comedy, production shows, festivals, plays, sporting events, and more.

If you’re getting access as a casino high roller, you have a little more leverage to request specific house seats in Las Vegas. You just let your host know what you want to go see and depending on availability and your level of play, they will work to make it happen.

If you’re getting these house seats through our secret club for locals only (click here to learn how it works), it’s a bit more up to the casinos, venues, producers, and box offices as to what they want to offer tickets too. Often, we see a great mix of bigger and smaller name acts that happen both on and off The Strip. It is the single best way to enjoy Las Vegas as a local.

We get asked a lot if you need promo codes for house seats in Las Vegas. The answer is no, you don’t need any special promotional codes or 2 for 1 house seats coupons to take advantage of these offers. There are two reasons this is true.

First, these special premium tickets are not readily available to the general public, so any coupon or promo code is not going to do you any good. Second, 2 for 1 Vegas house seats coupons assume that these tickets need to be paid for on a per ticket basis. If you join Plug In Vegas to get access to these premium ticket offerings, there are no per ticket fees. All you have to pay for is your membership dues. After that, all of the house seats are available for free with no per ticket fees and no need for coupon codes, 2 for 1 offers, or promo codes.

One aspect of Las Vegas house seats that people often get confused is how they relate to seat fillers. Often, people interchange the two terms as though they are the same thing. In reality, though, house seats and seat fillers are two completely different things.

With house seats in Vegas, your ticket gets you access to the show for the entire duration of the show. You attend the show just like someone who paid for their ticket. Vegas seat fillers, on the other hand, are people who are brought in to fill a seat when someone else gets up to go to the bathroom or get a drink. Often, this is done at awards shows or televised performances where the producers never want the background of the crowd to look empty.

So, for example, if you were a Las Vegas seat filler, you would wait outside of the show or in the back of the auditorium until someone in the crowd got up to go to the bathroom. At that point, someone would usher you down and into that seat where you would sit for a few minutes until that other person came back. At that time, you’d have to get up and head back to the back of the auditorium or lobby and wait for someone else to get up. In effect, you’re almost like working the event and only catching glimpses of the actual show.

With Plug In Vegas, all tickets are house seats. We do not offer seat filler opportunities because frankly, we think that’s not that great of a way to enjoy a show. Instead, all of our offerings allow you to enjoy the full show with the same privileges as someone who paid to get their ticket.