How It Works

Free tickets? Members only? Exclusive club? If you’ve got questions about what Plug In Vegas is and how it works, you’ve come to the right place. Plug In Vegas has been the best kept secret of Vegas locals for nearly a decade, but how it works may be a bit of a mystery to you. Allow us to pull back the curtains and let’s show you how it works with two quick points.

1. Vegas Has A LOT of Shows

Whether you’ve been living here for a day or a decade, you know that Vegas has A LOT of shows—literally thousands of shows every month. And with new venues, sports teams, attractions, residencies, and more constantly coming into the city every month, the supply of tickets often outweighs the demand. In other words, there are not enough people to fill every seat at every single show.

This can be especially true if a show is brand new, has a massive theater, or it’s a slow week in town. Even the biggest and best performers in town can’t avoid this fact every night they perform.

This means the events and shows have to decide—do they want the shows to look empty, or would they prefer to have a full audience? This is where they turn to Plug In Vegas.

These unused tickets are sent to our team and we list them in our private members-only website for our members to use. See a show you like? All you have to do is click reserve and you can attend the show for free. (Yes, it really is that simple!)

The result? The empty seats are filled, the shows look full, and the paying guests see they were at the hottest ticket in town—but you and your friends secretly got to go for free!

2. Why Locals Only and Why So Secret?

Two questions you might have are—why is this only open to locals, and why can’t you tell me the names of the shows before I join? Great questions!

The answer to both questions is the impact on the show’s ticket sales.

First, if non-locals (tourists) can use a service like Plug In Vegas, they’ll never purchase a ticket again because they know they can get it for free. Tourist ticket purchases are a massive part of the success of a show, not to mention, the Las Vegas tourism industry. If that gets impacted and people stop buying tickets, the show would have to close. But if only locals are allowed to use the service, it has no impact on the sale of tickets to tourists.

Second, if we publicly posted the names of shows that we have tickets to, not a single local would ever purchase a ticket to these shows again. You can see why this would not be good for the shows we support. But by only showing these tickets and show names privately to our members (and requiring members to sign a non-disclosure agreement when signing up), it protects the shows we support and it increases the quality of service Plug In Vegas offers.

The bottom line is these membership, privacy, and discretion requirements allow us to provide you with amazing free tickets to incredible shows while still helping our entertainment and show partners succeed.

Sound awesome? If so, click below to join now!

Frequently Asked Questions

While we would love to have everyone as a member of Plug In Vegas, there are limitations on who is eligible to join.

Here are the main non-negotiable membership requirements.

  • Members must be Las Vegas locals.
  • Members must posses a valid Nevada state-issued Driver License or Nevada state-issued ID card (see restrictions).
  • Member’s ID must have a Las Vegas area address listed on it (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson only).
  • Members must be 21 years of age. (Younger people may attend family friendly shows with the Plug In Vegas member, but the member must be at least 21 years of age.)
  • Members must agree to all of our Terms of Service and Policies.

These membership requirements will be validated during the sign up process.

The full list of membership requirements including links to policies may be found at the bottom of this page. We encourage all prospective members to take a minute to read those.

The Low Down

You must be a member of Plug In Vegas to see the shows and events we offer. We don’t even allow current members to post what shows, events or venues we partner with.

The reason for this is simple.

If we were to publicly post we’re offering our members comp tickets to a particular show or event, people would just join Plug In Vegas and no one would ever buy tickets from the venue. While you might say this sounds great for us, we would no longer be able to offer you great shows and events because the venues we work with would go out of business.

We know this is not ideal for people interested in our service, but our membership comes with no contract allowing you to cancel at any time. You can check us out for a bit, and if it’s not a fit for you, you may easily cancel from within your user profile at any time.

The Average Value of Our Tickets

The average value of our tickets if you were to have to pay for them would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-$200+ per ticket. Some of the tickets we offer are worth much more than this. Your membership will more than pay for itself for several months or years just by attending one or two events.

Event Types

What we can tell you is we offer tickets to shows and events located both on and off of the Strip. These shows and events include: sporting events, comedy clubs, live music & concerts, outdoor festivals & events, attractions, family friendly events, and more!

Here are the steps to go from sitting at home or work to getting in the door for free at a show, event, or attraction in town.

Step 1 | Join and become a member

It takes less than five minutes to sign up and join our awesome service. After you’ve completed our ID verification process and your account has been approved (this process takes approximately 2-3 business days), you’ll be surfing the list of events and on your way to attending your first event.

Step 2 | Check the website periodically to see our list of awesome events

When you log into your account, you might see something you want to attend right away, and maybe you won’t. Our list of events is always changing and growing. Often, we don’t get notified about shows until the week of or even sometimes the day of the event. Half the fun of Plug In Vegas is checking to see what new things are available!

We also have a private Facebook group, private member’s-only email list, and text notifications to which we occasionally send out notifications for new shows and events. These features are available to all of our members free of charge. We do not always send out notifications about new events, so you will want to log into your account regularly to see what is available.

Step 3 | See one you like? Click a few buttons and you are registered

It takes about 15 seconds to register for a show or event and reserve your free tickets. Click on the event you want to attend, select the appropriate number of tickets, and click reserve. You’ll receive an email Reservation Confirmation to the email address associated with your user account – the email will contain all of the event details and ticketing information, and then you’re all set to attend the show or event. For some of our mobile ticketed events, you may need to download a ticketing service app to your internet enabled smartphone to access the mobile tickets.

Step 4 | Go to the event, pick up your tickets at the box office 

You don’t have to wait in a special line or say a magical phrase. All you do is walk up to the box office counter and tell them your name, show them your Nevada photo ID card, and let them know you are picking up tickets through Plug In Vegas. They will smile, hand you your free tickets, and tell you to enjoy the show.

Step 5 | Rinse and repeat as many times per month as you’d like! (Tickets are first come, first serve)

With your membership, you get up to two or four free tickets every single day! This means if you really feel like going to 30 shows and events a month, go for it! All we ask is that our members attend any show they reserve tickets to. Maximum one event or show per day.

Yes. The only thing you pay is your monthly membership fee. If you use your membership one time or 30 times during the month, the cost is the exact same.

There are no hidden fees, handling fees, per ticket fees, box office fees, made up fees, or any other additional fees ever.

Free Show Tickets For Locals in Vegas

The heart of our Las Vegas entertainment club are the free show tickets for locals. Once you become a member, you will have access to free tickets to shows and events in town that other people have to pay to attend. This is one of the best ways for locals to enjoy the town and get out more without setting your wallet or purse on fire.

Plug In Vegas wants to be your one-stop for finding something fun to do in Las Vegas. Members get free event and show tickets in the local Vegas Area. We want to serve as your connection to your community, your gateway to new friends, and your ultimate entertainment source.

Bring Friends and Family For Free

Not only is Plug In Vegas a great way for you to get out and enjoy the town, but it’s a great way for you to entertain your family, friends, and guests visiting you from out of town. With your membership, you not only get free tickets for yourself, but you also get 100% free tickets for your guests. While you MUST be a Las Vegas resident with a Nevada state-issued photo ID to be a member and pick up tickets, your guests do not have to be locals.

This is GREAT for date nights with your significant other or that new guy or gal you met online or at the bar.

A much-needed resource for families looking to have fun and entertain the kids without breaking the bank.

Perfect for the new person in town who wants to take friends out and show them around.

Fun Local Things to Do For Free

Plug In Vegas is aiming to be an entertainment club. What does this mean? This means we are looking to be your source of entertainment and fun things to do in Las Vegas. When you’re bored or looking for something new and fun to do, we want you to be able to log into your membership area and find something to do.

We do our best to find interesting, fun, and different things to do in town so that our local members (you) can have an absolute blast. This means we don’t limit our listings to just shows. We look for any and all fun events that we think you would enjoy. Vegas should never be boring or feel stale. We do our best to combat that and keep you entertained.

Having fun is the name of the game.

Make New Local Friends and Meet New People

New to town? Your mom tell you that you need to be more social? Just got out of a relationship? Looking to make some new friends? Plug In Vegas aims to help locals get connected with other fun locals in town who are looking to get out and have a good time. It can be hard in the city of Vegas to meet new people, and we are doing our best to fix that.

Our locals-only entertainment club operates like a family. Our membership team is constantly running hosted events where we get together as a group and do things together. This is a sure fire way to make new friends and get back out there. If you’re shy or slow to make friends, don’t worry; we are an incredibly fun and welcoming group and would love to have you as part of our family. If you just want to do your own thing, though, that’s okay too.

You are free to cancel at any time right from within your user profile and you will not be charged again. Here’s the thing. We only want you to be a member of Plug In Vegas if you are truly enjoying your time with us. For that reason, we offer our memberships on a month-to-month basis. If you happen to join and it’s not for you, or you move or get too busy, you can cancel at any time right from within your user account with simply the click of a button and your membership will end at the end of the current paid term and you won’t be charged again.

There are no cancellation fees or crazy hoops to jump through. Cancel anytime easily and hassle-free. We do this because we are confident in our service and only want members that want to be a part of our service.