Membership Rules

Members, and their event guests, are required to follow these Membership Rules and our Terms of Service Agreement at all times. Failure to follow any part of these Platform Policies will result in the cancellation of membership.

Membership Requirements

  • Members must be at least 21 years of age or older.
  • Members must complete our Las Vegas Residency ID Verification Process.
  • Members must read, acknowledge, and agree to all our Platform Policies.
  • Members must read, acknowledge, and agree to our No Refunds Policy.
  • Members must have a Mobile Ticketing Number associated with their user account.
  • Members are responsible for cancelling their subscription from within their account.

Creating Reservations

  • Members are responsible for logging into their user account to create reservations.
  • Members are not able to reserve more tickets to an event than their membership allows.
  • Members must fully utilize every ticket they reserve for an event.
  • Members must follow posted all Event Limits.
  • Members cannot cancel reservations. If a member reserves tickets to an event, they must attend.
  • Members cannot attend events which take place after their account’s access expires.
  • Al ticketing is available on a first come first-serve basis.

Attending Events

  • Members can attend one event per day.
  • Members must attend events they reserve tickets to. If a member does not attend an event, their membership will be cancelled, and the member won’t be eligible for future service.
  • Members must follow all posted event age restrictions.
  • Members must pick up event tickets using their valid Nevada photo ID card.
  • Members must arrive for events and ticket pickup on time.
  • All attendees on a reservation must be present at the time of event check-in.
  • Members must have their valid, 21+ Nevada-issued photo ID card on their person while attending an event. The physical photo ID card must be presented while at the venue.
  • Members are responsible for any applicable parking fees associated with attending an event.
  • Members and event guests must conduct themselves in a positive and professional manner.
  • Members and event guests must follow all policies, dress codes, and requests of the venue.
  • Members are responsible for reviewing and adhering to all event communications.

Talking About Tickets

  • Members cannot publicly talk about or post online how they obtained their tickets.
    • Per our Non-Disclosure Agreement, do not broadcast how you obtained your tickets on social media or any other public forum or public setting. Venues are still trying to sell their other tickets. Do not talk about Plug In Vegas when attending an event.
  • Members are not to sell their event tickets or give them to a third party.

Point of Contact

  • Members are responsible for contacting our Support Team by email if they require assistance with an upcoming reservation or their user account.
  • Members are NOT to contact the show or venue directly for anything.
    • On the day of the event, members may visit the venue box office in person for assistance with their tickets during the designated ticket pickup timeframe.

Events Subject to Change

  • Members understand all ticketing, admission, seating (if applicable to the event), event lineup, talent, and event availability are at the complete and full discretion of the venue and are outside of Plug In Vegas’ control.
  • Members understand that although rare, there is potential for an event to be cancelled by the venue without the venue providing prior notice, and the member assumes all associated risk when they reserve tickets to an event.