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Questions? Click below to see the answers.

Are the tickets really free after I join?

100% free. Once you are a member, any tickets that you reserve are completely free. No "per ticket fees" or "processing fees" or anything like that. $9.00 $7.00 a month is all you pay. We do have a four person option available as well.

What kind of events and shows do you have?
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Concerts/ Live Music
  • Festivals
  • Nightlife/ Lounge Events
  • Shows/ Performances
  • Plays/ The Arts
  • Sporting Events
  • Pool Events
Where can I see a list of shows before I sign up?

We unfortunately can't show the list of shows and events to non-members. BOOOO! HISSS!!!! We know, but don't worry this is not because they're terrible or there aren't any shows or events but simply because the venues that we work with are still trying to sell tickets to their shows and events and would like those visiting our beautiful city and those that aren't Plug In Vegas members to still buy those tickets.

You can imagine if we posted publicly "Hey this show is giving us free tickets that are normally $80 a piece!", no one would ever actually go buy those tickets from the venue but would just come to us and get them for free. We want to support our venue partners still.

Our shows and events include a mix of concerts, comedy shows, festivals, plays, sporting events, lounge meetups, nightlife parties and tons of other cool things that our team finds for you. We think you'll love it and if you don't, there is no contract so you can cancel anytime

This is awesome. Why on Earth would a venue want to do this?

Lots of reasons! Some shows are just better with full audiences which they might not have, some venues might be brand new and looking to pack the house, and some venues just might be excited to get some fresh faces through the door or have slower sales than they expected. It's a win win for everyone. They get to pack their audiences and show off their shows and events and you get to enjoy the shows and events for FREE!

How exactly do I get my tickets?

It's actually quite simple

  • Join and become a member.
  • Check the website periodically to see our list of awesome events.
  • See one you like? Click a few buttons and voila you are registered.
  • Go to the event, pick up your tickets (all free) and go have fun!
  • Rinse and repeat as many times a month as you'd like! (tickets are first come first serve or course)

That's seriously all there is to it!

Do I have to sign a contract or can I cancel if it's not for me?

No contract. We have complete faith in our product and only want members to stay if they truly love what we are offering. If you join and don't like it or move or anything like that, simply click the cancel button and your membership will end at the end of that month. No fees, nothing like that. We think you're going to want to stick around though.