5 Traffic Laws We Wish All Vegas Locals Knew

Are you part of the problem? Or is your significant other? Driving in Las Vegas can be a bit of a nightmare thanks to all the tourists but unfortunately it's not just the tourists. I've been paying extra attention lately and it looks like some of these clowns causing traffic problems have cars adorned with Nevada plates. These are the 5 top things we wish Vegas locals could somehow learn to make our life and your life easier.


1. Don’t pretend you’ve never merged onto the 1-15 going north by Tropicana.

Write this down. There is almost ALWAYS a line to get onto the 1-15 heading north by Tropicana off the 215. If you drive past that line in the right lane and then “suddenly realize” you have to merge over to get on the 1-15, you’re a jerk. We tried to find a nicer and gentler way to explain it but one does not exist. The cars in the left lane are not lined up just for the heck of it but they are being good citizens. We get it you must be a super high level VIP club promoter celebrity, but you can wait in line with the rest of us peasants

If you're trying to merge at the red arrow, you need to revoke your own license. You should be in the left lane in line by the green arrow AT THE LATEST.




2. The service lane/shoulder is NOT a full service lane.

We're referring to the area to the right of the solid white line on most of our surface streets. You can use this to ease over and make your turn or pull over if your car is having trouble, totally cool. If your turn is 2 miles up the road though after 15 other turns, do not jump into this lane and go blasting up to your turn. You are going to cause an accident either from someone pulling out of a parking lot to make a right or someone who is waiting until closer to their turn to jump over into that area.

Need an example? Here you go. This is Rainbow Blvd. We actually were just pulling this screenshot up just to show an example of the lane we meant but low and behold, there is someone doing exactly what we're talking about in the picture. You can see the gray car is getting over into the shoulder area way before their turn. The red car probably thinks the gray car is turning where he is coming out of and is going to pull out andddddddddd car accident.


On a side note, check out the INCREDIBLE parking jobs on the bottom right of the picture. We didn't think it was possible for every car to be parked crooked.


3. Don’t enter the intersection unless you can clear the intersection.

Anyone who has ever dealt with Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd or Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd know EXACTLY what we're talking about here. Nothing annoys us more than getting a green light and not being able to go because you're still sitting in the middle of the intersection. You’re effectively saying, “I am more important than you and I do not care about where you have to go.” If that’s what you’re trying to say, good for you. J.

Does this mean you should stop before you approach any intersection? Of course not. But if traffic is heavy and crawling slowly, don’t go into the intersection unless you can get ALL THE WAY through. It pains us that this is still an issue.



4. We should NEVER have to slow down if you pull out in front of me.

If there’s a 2 inch gap for you to pull out, it DOES NOT mean you should go. We don’t understand what is wrong with a lot of people in this town but they seem to not care if the rest of us have to lock up our brakes and send everything in our car flying through the dash board just so they can pull out. Your pull out game is weak and it angers us.

A good rule of thumb if you struggle with this is to take your keys and throw them in a lake and never drive again.



5. Directional Signaling Device

Please learn what this thing does. It's groundbreaking technology. We can't even bring ourselves to have to explain it.