If you have important things to do, please turn around now. If you have 2 minutes of your life you're willing to throw away, please, read on!



Our story begins IMG_2005 away from IMG_2006, in the IMG_1986 town of Las


Vegas, Nevada. As the doorbell rings, IMG_2007, our main character IMG_2001 runs to the door and


ask, " Who is it?" A voice responds," IMG_2002!" "Oh IMG_1994, it is you! Hey


IMG_2052!"  IMG_2001 invites IMG_2052 in and asks if she would like a drink.


IMG_2052 says, " Of course. How about an IMG_2051 IMG_2012?"


IMG_2001 gets her a drink and then says," Sorry if I look like I'm running around in a IMG_1987,


I have a date tonight and don't know what to wear or where to go." IMG_2052 responds, " Oh awesome!


IMG_1998 cute, IMG_2008, and IMG_1992? How long have you been talking to


him?"  IMG_2001 responds, " Of course he is cute, loving and a real charmer. We have been talking for


IMG_2003, so about a week and a half. What should I wear though?" IMG_2052 answers," You


should wear your IMG_1993 IMG_1991. They make your butt look IMG_2053." " You


have the best ideas IMG_2004 time. Where should we go though?" said IMG_2001.


IMG_2052 suggests, " IMG_2010 should go to that new restaurant everyone is


IMG_1988 about. Don't get the IMG_1990 though, it might make you IMG_2056. And


after that, you should definitely go to a IMG_2011." IMG_2001 says, " A IMG_2011


sounds great but they are all so expensive." IMG_2052 responds, " You should join Plug In Vegas. It's an


entertainment club for locals where for only $10 a month you get free tickets to an unlimited number of events and


IMG_2011. You can go on your date for free. Just go to their web IMG_1984 at Plug In Vegas


and join!" IMG_2001, "Wow great idea and totally not just a shameless plug for an awesome company!"

As promised, time wasted 🙂

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