Fat Kids Unite! How to Skip the Line at Chick-fil A in Las Vegas

January 26th, 2017, a day that will live in infamy, is marked prominently on my calendar.


For those of you that strangely don’t follow fast-food news closely, this is not the day that we get a Chick-fil A in Las Vegas, but it’s the day we get TWO Chick-fil A locations in Las Vegas. This post is here to tell you everything you need to be prepared for this momentous occasion! Om nom nommmmmm 🙂

Locations: Where do I go to get my Chick-fil A on?

There are two locations scheduled to open on January 26th, 2017.

Stephanie Street and Warm Springs
460 North Warm Springs Street

Eastern Avenue and Lone Road
9925 South Eastern Avenue

A third location at Sahara and Rancho Drive has been approved but isn’t expected to open until later in 2017. Boooo

Chick-fil A plans to open up to 10 locations in Nevada within the next five years

How do I skip the line?

If you’re anything like me, I will be out for blood if anyone gets in my path on the 26th…and the 27th…and the…ok, I may become an angry person. Hangry could be a more accurate term. Thankfully, Chick-fil A had me in mind when they developed the Chick-fil A One App. It’s a new App available from the App store or on Google Play that allows you to place your order and pay without even getting in line! You just walk in like a chicken boss and grab your food and go. Let’s look at all the benefits of the new app.

1. Skip the line. Ain’t nobody got time for lines.

2. Customize your order without having to talk to a human. It’s 2017. No one likes talking to people. Thanks for the solid, Chick-fil A.

3. Pay right from your App. Easy and even less human contact, win.

4. Earn free stuff. This circle meter in your app will fill a little bit every time you order. When it gets all the way around, your arteries are officially clogged but you get something free so who cares!


You can get more information on Chick-fil A One here.


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