Top 5 Things NEVER to Wear to a Vegas Nightclub

Las Vegas Club Dresscode

You’re at the door ready to show your ID and party the night away when suddenly you’re asked to leave? You haven’t even done anything stupid or knocked over someone’s 8 million dollar bottle of water yet and you’re already going home?

If you’ve never been to a Las Vegas nightclub or maybe you were too blacked out to remember, you may be unaware that getting passed the doors can sometimes be tougher than getting through TSA at the airport on Thanksgiving weekend. Navigating through the politics and the millions of different lines and promoters can be annoying enough to make you consider going home but you should still be able to eventually find your way to the end of the magical rainbow where $18 drinks await.

What WILL get you sent home before you get in the door no matter what is if you violate the club’s dress code policy. Some of the items are marked a no-no for safety reasons and some of them are probably a no-no because of some sort of power trip we will never understand. That being said, you can save you and your friends a lot of headache by making sure these 5 things never find their way onto your body when you’re going to a Las Vegas nightclub.

1. Jerseys

If you’re name is not Lebron James and you can’t dunk a basketball, leave the jersey at home. You may feel like it makes you look gangsta’ and it’s the most expensive piece of clothing you own but it will get your butt sent to the bench at the club.

2. Shorts

We really need to explain this one? Yes, we know in the summer its 120 degrees outside but I can promise you that the 300 lb Russian bouncer at the door could not give a crap. Remember, wear shorts for a short night. Cheesy, we know, we know.

3. Hats

The amount of times we’ve seen someone arguing with a bouncer over this would astound you. Spoiler, the bouncer won the argument EVERY time and the hat wearer did not get in with the hat on. Leave the lids at home with the kids.

4. Baggy Jeans

If you have to hold your pants up, the club is not going to let you in. You may think you have a very pretty butthole but I can assure you that the bouncers who control the club doors will not agree with you.

5. Athletic shoes, flip flops, or work boots

I can assure you that at the club in Vegas you will be running zero races, strolling on zero beaches, and doing zero construction work. If those are the key to your game, try going to a gym or the job site. I’m sure they’ll let you in there but definitely not at the club.

Don’t get mad at us, these are not our rules. We’re simply trying to help you have a good time clubbing in Las Vegas. If you think you can convince a bouncer to look the other way or that you are special and will get in, sorry, you are wrong and aint no body got time for dat.

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