Our New Vegas Locals Guides

Aug 25, 2017

Our Wild and Crazy Fun Plan for Our Local Family

Maybe we're ambitious? Maybe we're crazy? Or maybe it was the few cocktails we had before our last company meeting? Regardless of what it is, we have decided to take on building a brand new part of Plug In Vegas. We realized that there are tons of guides and places to find information for tourist visiting Vegas but a whole lot of nothing for us locals. We think it would be pretty awesome to have a hub for new and up to date information about anything and everything for locals in Las Vegas.


Who Will Benefit

Our plan is to have our new locals guide section help as many people as possible. If you're brand new to town or have a friend that is brand new to town, you can come here or send them here to learn about our city and the tricks and tips to survive. If you're someone who loves knowing the ins and outs of the city and how to have the most fun while spending the least cash, this is for you. Maybe you're just someone who has been here for 20 years and want to see what else is out there that you haven't experienced yet.

Basically, ANYONE who lives in Las Vegas we hope will benefit from our local's guides.


 What Will Be In the Guides

The guides are going to be packed full of all the insider information and knowledge that we have and the knowledge and tips we have begun collecting from our friends, family, and members. We'll have recommendations of our favorites as well as anywhere we think you should avoid. When you get done with one of our guides, we hope that you will feel like an expert ready to have the absolute best time in town.

What Guides Will There Be

We plan on having literally hundreds of different guides to help you with everything from where to go hiking to the best places to make new friends in town. We've launched our guide section here with three guides to start and the frame work for an additional six. On top of that, we have a list of 15 additional guides that we would like to have rolled out within the next few weeks.


Current Guides:

Casino Parking Guide For Las Vegas Locals
Sushi Restaurant Guide For Las Vegas Locals
Date Night and Dating Guide For Las Vegas Locals

Upcoming Guides:

Day Trip Guide For Vegas Locals
Food Truck Guide For Vegas Locals
Coffee Spot Guide For Vegas Locals
Discounts Guide For Vegas Locals
Hiking and Outdoors Guide For Vegas Locals
Casino Reviews For Vegas Locals


How You Can Help

We want these guides to be the BEST possible. If you have tips or ideas or know of somewhere that should be included in one of our guides, let us know. Click our contact us form at the top of the page and send us your tip or if you want to chat, leave your contact information and we will be in touch soon!

We plan to constantly update these guides and let them be the best spot on the web for locals in las vegas to get information on our beautiful city.

Thanks and buckle up for the ride!