How to Plan a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party WITHOUT Everyone Hating You

Las Vegas Event Party

Congrats! You’re in charge of planning one of the biggest nights of one of your best friend’s lives. No pressure, right? Not only are you now in charge of her having a good time but you’re also in charge of a whole slew of other girls with different interests and well, different everything, having a good time.

Relax. We’ve got you. We’re locals here so we’ve seen just about every awesome bachelorette party and every atrocity that gets classified under “bachelorette party.” When in doubt in Las Vegas, trust the wise words of the locals.

1. Develop a budget that accommodates EVERYONE

We’re going to assume that you’re not insanely loaded and paying for everyone and that this party is expected to be split evenly with everyone paying their equal share. There’s no cute way to say this so we’ll just say it: MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WITH EVERYONE AND FIGURE OUT WHAT BUDGET THEY ARE COMFORTABLE WITH BEFORE YOU START PLANNING. We’d repeat it but that would be obnoxious 🙂 Seriously though, find out what everyone can comfortably afford so that no one gets angry before they even show up that they have to shell out more cash than expected.

The best way to do this is to figure out a per night amount that everyone is comfortable with and plan accordingly.

2. Set the dates and lock them in

Again, this will take you communicating with the entire group but find out what days work best for the group and set them in stone. Once you lock them in, it makes discussions easier in the future if someone has something come up. If they’re just flimsy in the wind, you might be convinced to try and change them later which will just cause fights and problems.

Also, pay attention to holidays and the associated pricing when picking dates. Vegas on New Year’s is MORE expensive than Vegas mid-week during the summer. Yes, we wish it weren’t that way but welcome to the beautiful world of supply and demand.

3. Figure out what is REQUIRED and what is not

Las Vegas is a beast of a city and can take down even the most seasoned of party-goers. If you expect the older woman in the group to attend every party until 5 am and then be up for pool parties at 9am every day, you’re probably going to have some issues. If it is a one day event, everyone can suck it up and go to everything. If it’s a trip or multi days, expecting everyone to go to EVERYTHING is not only not fair but it’s mean.

Choose what events are most important to the bride and let everyone know which those are. Let them know everything else is encouraged but not required and don’t get mad at them if they don’t come to everything. This is another way to help if you have some budget issues with some of the guests as they can save some money by skipping some of the higher priced events.

What do we recommend? We recommend probably a dinner at the beginning of the trip to get everyone acquainted and then 1 or 2 night out activities that are the bread and butter of the bachelorette party. You know, when the penis shaped straws come out and all that fun stuff.

4. Have someone in charge that does not resemble Hitler

Organization and planning are super key to having a successful bachelorette party. If someone doesn’t take the reins, nothing will get planned and the event will just be a mess. That being said, choose someone who has good communication skills and is able to tactfully get things done. If you have a queen bee that is barking orders at everyone, you will have chaos. If you do though, invite me so I can come enjoy the show.

The real key here is communication. The entire point of the event is that bride enjoys herself and has one last send off before she gets married. Keep this in the center of your minds the entire time and you will be okay. Remember, you will have tons of different personalities and viewpoints on what should be done so communicate, communicate, communicate and you’re Las Vegas bachelorette party will be stellar!

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