Top 5 Things You’ll See on a Las Vegas Local’s Dating Profile

Ahh, the beautiful world of online dating…The closest legal thing to water boarding we have in Nevada. I’ve heard some amazing stories of people finding love this way and also a whole slew of disastrously amazing stories that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Surprisingly, as diverse of a city as we have, most online dating profiles here tend to have the exact same things on them which gives them a strong reliability rating of 0.0%.


1. I’m not your typical Vegas girl/guy

For a while I wondered if this was just automatically added to the top of every dating profile in Nevada. For some, it’s probably true but it’s tough to take this serious when your picture reel is just you guzzling straight out of various sized Grey Goose bottles.




2. I’m an avid hiker

Apparently in Las Vegas, if you’ve walked outside in the last 10 years and made sure to take a picture of it, you are classified as an avid hiker. If rock formations and tectonic plates have shifted since the last time you hiked, you might want to look into editing this to “occasional outside walker.”


(Whoa, someone who gets it!)


3. I’m not a tour guide

Clearly the ranks of online dating are engulfed with tourists if this one is necessary. They should just go ahead and automatically add this one to profiles along with number 1.




4. I’m not looking for a hook up






5. Bad Grammar

I get it the schools out here are last in the country or close to it but come on people, the outside world is judging us!

Your – Grammar is YOUR responsibility.
You’re – YOU’RE bad with grammar.

There – THERE are many places to learn basic grammar.
Their – If people just spellchecked THEIR profiles, this would not be an issue.
They’re – THEY’RE making my eyes bleed with this grammar.

To – Please listen TO your teachers.
Two – Seriously people… TWO is a number.
Too – Spellchecking is attractive TOO.


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