A unique gift for the person that has everything...

The perfect gift that keeps on giving long after they open it...

Perfect for your spouse, significant other, boss, employee, neighbor, friend, or family members!

* Discounted gift memberships can only be redeemed by new members. Existing or past members may purchase gift memberships, but cannot use them for themselves. 

Members get free comp show and event tickets to:

Concerts/Live Music

Plays/ The Arts

Sporting Events

Shows/ Performances

Comedy Clubs


Family Events

Nightlife/ Lounge Events

What are the exact shows that they'll get tickets to?


The Low Down


You must be a member of Plug In Vegas to see the shows and events that we offer. We don’t even allow our members to post what shows or events we have or what venues we work with.

The reason for this is simple.

In order for us to be able to continue offering great shows and events, we must make sure that our venue partners are doing well. If we were to post that we were offering our members free tickets to their shows, people would never buy tickets from them and would just join our club.

While you might say this sounds great for us, we would no longer be able to offer you great shows and events because the venues we work with would go out of business. Almost all of the tickets we offer cost much more than your monthly membership fee which means if word got out of what we were offering, those venues would suffer.

We definitely understand that this frustrates a lot of people, but this is why we have priced our membership out monthly and with no contract. If you join and you don’t like what you see, you can cancel right away with no issues. You are NEVER locked into a long term contract because we believe in the quality of our product and know you will like it.

And with our monthly membership costing less than a meal for two at McDonald's, you have nothing to lose.


Do you get Cirque shows and Celine Dion every night?


Rarely do we get shows like this. Maybe if our membership was $90 a month instead of $7, we could make that happen 🙂 This does not mean our shows aren’t great or that we don’t get big name shows. We just want you to approach this membership with the right mindset. If you’re only looking for headliners and A-list shows only, you’re probably not going to enjoy our membership.

A large chunk of our shows are on the strip and are at major casino properties. We do get some big name concerts and events as well. We just don’t want you to be expecting to go to every A-list show in town every night of the week for 7 bucks a month.


The Average Value of Our Tickets


The average value of our tickets if you were to have to pay for them at the box office would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $25-$50 per ticket. Some of the tickets we offer are worth more than this, and some are worth less. The general range, though, is this.
This means that if you go to one show with three friends ($50 x 3), you’ve almost paid for your membership for almost two years.

$50 Bill for Tickets

$50 Bill for Tickets


Your monthly membership will pay for itself for months even if you only go to one show. This is hands-down the best value deal for locals living in Las Vegas. 

How does it all work once they redeem?



The whole point of this program is for it to be fun and relaxing. For that reason, we have done everything to make sure that it's simple. Here are the steps to go from sitting at home or work where you are now to getting in the door for free at a show, concert, or super-fun event in town.


Step 1 | They'll redeem their gift from you with us!

We'll send them clear instructions on how to redeem their gift with us. It should take them less than 2-minutes to redeem, and we'll have their account activated shortly thereafter.


Step 2 | Check the website periodically to see our list of awesome events

Maybe they'll see something you love right away, and maybe they'll see a bunch of things! If they don't see something right away, that's okay! We are constantly adding new events, so the list of offerings is always changing and growing. That's half the fun of Plug in Vegas is seeing what new events are offered.

Step 3 | See one you like? Click a few buttons and voila you are registered

It takes about 15 seconds to register for a show or event and reserve your free tickets. Once you reserve, you will get an email confirmation, and you're now all set.


Step 4 | Go to the event, pick up your tickets at the box office (all free), and go have fun!

You don’t have to wait in a special line or say a magical phrase. All you do is walk up to the box office counter and tell them your name and that you are picking up tickets from Plug In Vegas. They will smile, hand you your comp tickets, and tell you to enjoy the show or event.


Step 5| Rinse and repeat as many times a month as you'd like! (tickets are first come first serve or course)

You get up to four free tickets every single day! This means if you really feel like going to 30 shows and events a month, go for it. All we ask is that our members attend any show that they reserve tickets to.

Are the tickets really free?



100% free. The ONLY thing you pay is your monthly membership fee which is $9 for a two person membership and $14 $7 for a four person membership. If you use your membership one time or 30 times, the cost is the exact same.

There are NO hidden fees.

There are NO "handling" fees.

There are NO per ticket fees.

There are NO box office fees.

There are NO made up fees that make no sense.

There are NO additional fees ever. 

If you ask a member how much it cost them to go to five shows last month with Plug In Vegas, they will tell you it cost them $7. Not $7 per show, $7 total. Once you pay your monthly membership dues, you can put your wallet or purse away and enjoy free tickets daily.

What benefits do they get as a member?


Free Tickets to Shows in Vegas

The heart of our entertainment club are the free show tickets for locals. Once you become a member, you will have access to free tickets to shows in town that other people have to pay to attend. This is one of the best ways for locals to enjoy the town and get out more without setting your wallet or purse on fire. There are a lot of perks to being a local as long as you know how to take advantage of them. Let us show you how 😉

Every month we have new shows and new concerts and new events for you to check out. These tickets are 100% free once you become a member. Reserve on our website and then pick up the tickets on the day of the show at the box office and then have fun.

Plug In Vegas wants to be your one-stop for finding something fun to do in Las Vegas. Members get free event and show tickets, free invites to community events, and free invites to nightlife and social parties in the local Vegas Area. Go to as many shows, events, and parties as you'd like as long as tickets are available, completely free once you're a member. We want to serve as your connection to your community, your gateway to new friends, and your ultimate entertainment source


Bring Friends and Family For Free

Not only is Plug In Vegas a great way for you to get out and enjoy the town, but it's a great way for you to entertain your family, friends, and guests visiting you from out of town. With your membership, you not only get free tickets for yourself, but you also get 100% free tickets for your guests. While you do need to be a local to be a member and pick up the tickets, your guests do not have to be.

This is GREAT for date nights with your significant other or that new guy or gal you met online or at the bar.

A much-needed resource for families looking to have fun and entertain the kids without breaking the bank.

Perfect for the new person in town who wants to take new friends out and show them around.


Fun Things to Do For Free

Plug In Vegas is aiming to be an entertainment club, not a seat filler. What does this mean? This means that we are looking to be your source of entertainment and fun things to do in Las Vegas. When you're bored or looking for something new and fun to do, we want you to be able to log into your membership area and find something to do.

We do our best to find the most exciting, interesting, fun, and different things to do in town so that our local members (you) can have an absolute blast. This means we don't limit our listings at just shows. We look for any and all fun events that we think you would enjoy. Vegas should never be boring or feel stale. We do our best to combat that and keep you entertained.

Having fun is the name of the game.


Make New Friends and Meet New People

New to town? Your mom tell you that you need to be more social? Just got out of a relationship? Looking to make some new friends? Plug In Vegas aims to help locals get connected with other fun locals in town who are looking to get out and have a good time. It can be hard in the city of Vegas to meet new people, and we are doing our best to fix that.

Our entertainment club operates like a family. Our membership team is constantly running hosted events where we all get together as a group and do things together. This is a sure fire way to make new friends and get back out there. If you're shy or slow to make friends, don't worry; we are an incredibly fun and welcoming group and would love to have you as part of our family.

Why do show and event venues do this?



One of the things that confuses the heck out of people is why a show would want to work with us and allow you to come enjoy the show or event for free. There are A LOT of reasons.

The show or event is brand new, and they want to get the word out about it to locals.

Locals in Vegas are the best sales people to tourists. Our friends are always asking us what they should see and do while they are in town. Shows and event coordinators know this and want locals to experience their shows and rave to their friends about it. It's the most effective form of marketing for them they can possibly do.


They want to make sure the audience is packed because it makes for a better show or event.

Have you ever been to a show that was empty? It's just not the same. Something feels eerie and off about it. If the show needs audience participation, it might not work out well. Show coordinators are aware of this and use us to fill the seats and make sure the shows are packed so the paying guests can get the best experience possible.

A lot of people also equate the quality of the show to how packed the audience is. If they see an empty showroom, they're going to automatically assume the show isn't that great or sought after. If they see the showroom packed, they're going to assume they're at the hottest ticket in town and in for a real treat. Showmanship starts the second a guest walks in the door, and the venues in Vegas know this well.


It can boost their concession sales.

You’re never required to buy anything or spend any money when you attend a show or event. But, a lot of our members love to enjoy the shows and events and will buy food, drinks, and sometimes merchandise. The value of an empty seat to the show is $0. Even the chance someone that they bring in will spend some money at the show or maybe in the casino afterward is enough to entice the venues to get on board.


It’s a win win for everyone.

The venues are happy because their shows are packed, and the seats are filled.

We are happy because we have a superior product we can offer you.

And YOU are happy because you get to attend awesome shows and events for free as a member!