Giving Back to Veterans

As a Veteran-owned company, the entire Plug In Vegas team knows how important those who serve and have served our country are to us. As a small token of our appreciation, a portion of our proceeds are donated to local Veteran Organizations.

Veteran’s Village Through Tunnel to Towers

Veteran’s Village Through Tunnel to Towers is a remarkable initiative dedicated to providing comprehensive support and housing solutions for veterans. This program, an extension of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, focuses on addressing the critical needs of veterans and ensuring they have access to safe, affordable housing and essential services.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Veteran’s Village Through Tunnel to Towers is to honor and support the brave men and women who have served in the military. The initiative aims to provide veterans with stable housing, promote their well-being, and help them reintegrate into civilian life with dignity and respect.

Housing Solutions

One of the primary focuses of Veteran’s Village is to offer housing solutions for veterans. The program provides:

  • Transitional Housing: Safe and temporary housing for veterans who are in the process of finding permanent homes.
  • Permanent Housing: Affordable and permanent housing options designed to meet the needs of veterans and their families.
  • Supportive Housing: Specialized housing that includes on-site services such as healthcare, counseling, and job training to help veterans achieve long-term stability.

Comprehensive Support Services

In addition to housing, Veteran’s Village offers a wide range of support services to address the diverse needs of veterans:

  • Healthcare Access: Assistance with accessing medical services and navigating the VA healthcare system.
  • Mental Health Services: Counseling, therapy, and peer support programs to help veterans cope with mental health challenges, including PTSD and depression.
  • Employment Assistance: Job training, resume workshops, and employment placement services to help veterans find meaningful employment.
  • Educational Support: Access to educational programs, scholarships, and vocational training to help veterans further their education and career prospects.

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Nevada Veteran’s Foundation

The Nevada Veterans Foundation is a dedicated organization committed to supporting and enhancing the lives of veterans in the state of Nevada. Their mission revolves around providing comprehensive assistance to veterans and their families, ensuring they receive the necessary resources, care, and recognition they deserve for their service.

Services and Programs

The foundation offers a wide range of services and programs aimed at addressing the unique needs of veterans. These include:

  • Healthcare Assistance: Helping veterans navigate the healthcare system, access medical services, and secure necessary treatments.
  • Housing Support: Providing resources and support for housing, including transitional housing for homeless veterans and assistance with securing permanent housing.
  • Employment Services: Offering job training, resume building, and employment placement services to help veterans transition into civilian careers.
  • Mental Health Support: Providing counseling services, mental health programs, and peer support groups to address the mental health needs of veterans.
  • Educational Opportunities: Assisting veterans in accessing educational benefits, scholarships, and vocational training programs.

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