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Members get 100% free comp tickets to TONS of events and shows in Las Vegas!

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Free Local and Community Event Tickets

Get free tickets to events happening in your neighborhood. Don't be left out again!

Fun Things To Do For Vegas Locals

Free Nightlife Party and Event Invites

Make new local friends at our nightlife events and parties!

Hundreds of events and shows every month. Go to as many as you want for just $9!

Bring your friends. 2 free tickets daily to ANYTHING we have available

No contract. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime you want

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Are the show and event tickets really free after I join?


100% free. Once you are a member, any tickets that you reserve are completely free. No "per ticket fees" or "processing fees" or anything like that. $9.00 a month is all you pay. We do have a four person option available as well you can choose for $14 a month when you click the Join Now button below.


What kind of events, shows, and fun things to do are offered?


  • Comedy Clubs
  • Concerts/ Live Music
  • Festivals
  • Nightlife/ Lounge Events

  • Shows/ Performances
  • Plays/ The Arts
  • Sporting Events
  • Pool Events


Where can I see a list of shows and events before I sign up?


Due to the nature of our business and the Vegas tourist market, we can't show the list of shows and events to non-members. The reason for this is simple. The venues that we partner with are still trying to sell tickets to people that aren't part of our group. If they knew they could get tickets through us for free, they would never buy tickets from the box office and would just join our group.

You can imagine if we posted publicly "Hey! We have free tickets to this show for $9 a month that are normally $80 a piece!" No one would ever actually go buy those tickets from the venue but would just come to us and get them for free. While this might sound great for us, we want to support our venue partners as much as possible.

Our shows and events include a mix of concerts, comedy shows, festivals, plays, sporting events, lounge meetups, nightlife parties and tons of other cool things that our team finds for you. We think you'll love it and if you don't, there is no contract so you can cancel anytime


This is awesome. Why on Earth would a Vegas venue want to do this?


Lots of reasons! Some shows are just better with full audiences which they might not have, some venues might be brand new and looking to pack the house, and some venues just might be excited to get some fresh faces through the door or have slower sales than they expected. It's a win win for everyone. They get to pack their audiences and show off their shows and events and you get to enjoy the shows and events for FREE!


How exactly do I get my tickets?


It's simple!

  • Become a member of Plug In Vegas
  • Check the website periodically to see our list of awesome events.
  • See one you like? Click a few buttons and voila you are registered.
  • Go to the event, pick up your tickets (all free) and go have fun!
  • Rinse and repeat as many times a month as you'd like! (tickets are first come first serve or course)

That's seriously all there is to it!


Do I have to sign a contract or can I cancel if it's not for me?


No contracts ever. We have complete faith in our product and only want members to stay if they truly love what we are offering. If you join and don't like it or move or anything like that, simply click the cancel button and your membership will end at the end of that month. No fees, nothing like that. We think you're going to want to stick around though.


We pride ourselves in being the ultimate cure for boredom for Las Vegas Locals!

Try something new and join us now!

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Plug In Vegas Show Tickets and Events Membership Benefits


Still need more information? Don't worry, we've got you covered. The most important questions you probably have about joining our awesome entertainment club are:

1 - Is is actually awesome?

2 - What am I getting when I sign up?

What we're going to do here is answer the second question as thoroughly as possible and let you be the judge of the first question. Spoiler alert, we're fairly confident you will think we're awesome.


Free Show Tickets


Yes, you do get access to a ton of free show tickets in town on a daily basis. What does access mean? Access means that you can log in to your Plug In Vegas membership area and reserve completely free tickets to local shows in town. These are shows that you would normally have to pay for and buy tickets to. We have worked out special arrangements with the theaters, concert halls, and show venues in town to acquire tickets that we can offer to you and your guests completely free of charge.

Basically, you get two or four (depending on your membership) 100% free tickets every day to any of the shows that we have tickets available for. You pick them up at the box office just like everyone that had to pay for their tickets. There are NO additional fees ever. No handling fees, no per ticket fees, no live entertainment taxes, nothing. When we say your tickets you reserve are free, you do not have to get your wallet or purse out again.

The biggest question people have is whether or not these shows are any good. The average ticket price for most of our shows (if you didn't have our service and had to pay for them) is around $25-$50 per ticket. Some of the shows we get are on the strip in major theaters and some of them are off the strip in smaller niche theaters. The mix of show types is very eclectic and we pride ourselves in having a little bit of something for everyone.

We have shows to choose from every night that include major production shows, comedy clubs, concerts and musical performances, and also local arts and entertainment. We're confident you will enjoy our array of shows which is why we never have year long contracts and we allow you to cancel at any point in time if it's not for you.

You may be asking yourself why we don't show you a list of shows before you join. To be honest, if we could, we would love to. The reason we can't is that our show partners ask us not to so that we don't impact their sales with those that aren't members of our club.

Imagine if we posted that we had free tickets available for a show that normally cost $80 per ticket. Nobody would ever buy tickets from the venue and would only join our service. While this might sound awesome for us, we care about our show venue partners and can only deliver our service if they are happy and business is good.


Free Event Invites and Fun Things to Do


We don't just specialize in getting you free tickets to shows around town. Our team scours the city looking for anything that might be fun and exciting for you and your friends and family to do. Sometimes this includes festivals, sporting events, movie showings, museums, TV show tapings, pool parties, night club and lounge events, community events...the list is really endless. Anything that we think our members would have fun doing, we will work to get for you for free.


We pride ourselves in being the ultimate cure for boredom for Las Vegas Locals!


Bring Guests to the Shows and Events


Vegas Local Friends with fun things to do

One of the coolest parts about your membership is that you can bring guests with you completely free as well to the shows and events. While you have to be a local to get a membership, your guests can be out of town friends and family or local Vegas friends and family. If you have our two-person membership, you can take a guest with you to every single show you go to. If you have our four-person membership, you can take three additional guests with you to every single show.

You're free to bring different guests to every show or event if you want! Want to take your girlfriend or boyfriend to a show today and your mom or dad to a show tomorrow? Totally cool! Want to take the family to a show Thursday and the coworkers to a show on Sunday? Totally cool!

Your Plug In Vegas membership empowers you to be the King or Queen of shows and entertainment in Las Vegas. We do our best to set you up to be the guy or gal who always knows what's going on and the rock star that knows how to score free show and event tickets!


Make New Friends at Our Hosted Mixers


Something we do that our members love are to offer hosted mixers at a lounge, nightclub, pool, or any other social venue. A member of our staff goes and meets up with everyone attending and creates an awesome environment for you to make new friends. This is AWESOME if you are new in town or are looking to get out and meet some new people. These events happen several times a month and are free to attend for members. We usually are also able to work out free drinks or drink specials with the venues as well to make it that much more fun.

Join Plug In Vegas Deal Now
Join Plug In Vegas Deal Now