Hometown Heroes Membership

Special discount on our Unlimited Membership for Las Vegas residents with a Nevada photo ID card who currently work in the Las Vegas area.

This offer is exclusively available to:

Military: Military Retirees, Veterans and Active DutyMUST have a Nevada photo ID card.
First Responders: Police Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Las Vegas area Police, Firefighter & EMT Retirees.
Educators: CCSD Teachers & CCSD Support Staff, UNLV Teachers & UNLV Support Staff.
Frontline Medical Workers: Hospital Healthcare Workers only—this includes: Hospital Doctors, Hospital Nurses, and Hospital Support Staff. You MUST possess an employment ID badge from one of the following Las Vegas area hospitals:

Desert Springs Hospital
Dignity Health Hospitals
Elite Medical Center
Horizon Specialty Hospital
Kindred Hospital
Mountain View Hospital
North Vista Hospital
Southern Hills Hospital
Spring Valley Hospital
Summerlin Hospital
Sunrise Hospital
University Medical Center Hospital
Valley Hospital

local military, first responders, and teachers badges

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Industries and organizations outside of those specifically listed above are NOT eligible for the Hometown Heroes membership. If you are NOT belonging to one of the specific industries or organizations listed above, then please visit our website and register for our Unlimited Membership instead.

To be eligible for this discounted membership you must meet the following criteria:

  1. All of our Membership Requirements (see below).
  2. One of the specific professional fields listed above.
  3. Provide employment ID verification for one of the specific professional fields or organizations listed above.

If you are able to meet all three of the criteria listed above, please click the button below to apply.

Membership Requirements

  1. Members must complete our online ID Verification Process.
    • The ID Verification process will be completed using a valid Nevada Driver License or valid Nevada Photo ID card—the Nevada ID card MUST have a Las Vegas area address listed on it (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson only).
    • See 'Restrictions on Photo ID Cards' for full details.
  1. Members must be at least 21 years of age.
    • Younger people may attend family friendly shows with the Plug In Vegas member, but the member must be at least 21 years of age.
  1. Members must read, acknowledge and agree to our:


Account Approval Process:
1. The member will be charged immediately upon creating / reactivating an account.
2. Members will not be given access to their account right away.
3. After the member completes the Las Vegas Residency ID Verification, account review will begin. The account review process will take 3 or more business days (excluding weekends, holidays, and office break closures).
4. The 90-day access period will begin when our team emails the member regarding their account's approval status.

For Returning Members:
ID must be submitted for the Las Vegas Residency Verification process upon rejoining our service, regardless if the member has completed this process in the past. After rejoining, login to the account, scroll down the page to the 'Membership Links' section, select the 'Submit ID Documents' link. The account approval process is the same as outlined above.