2 Las Vegas Restaurants Make Nation’s Top 50 Restaurants for Vegetarians

Not a fan of eating meat? Well, if you live in Las Vegas, you're in for a treat. Booking Holdings, a company specializing in online travel and related services, released their list of the top 50 restaurants for vegetarians in America. Rankings and winners were determined from diner reviews collected between August 1, 2018 and July 31, 2019. 

Not surprising, a large chunk of the winners were from New York and California. Las Vegas held it's own, though, with two restaurants making the list. 

Hell's Kitchen - Caesars Palace

BLACKOUT - Dining in the Dark

Now, the methodology behind these rankings was nothing to write home about as all they did was sort reviews on Open Table by tags for good vegetarian options. Chances are there are some other hidden vegetarian gems that fell under the radar as they might not push as hard for reviews. But, it's a nice and fun way to get some new ideas if you're looking to enjoy some meat-less cuisine.

The full list of the top 50 restaurants can be seen here