Refund and Membership Cancellation Policy

Refund and Membership Cancellation Policy:

Due to the nature of our business, Plug In Vegas does not offer refunds on our services (partial or full) for any reason -- Regardless of when the member registered for an account, or the frequency in which the account was, or was not, utilized by the member.

If a member decides to no longer utilize our subscription service, then the member is solely responsible for cancelling their monthly subscription service within their user account.

Plug In Vegas does not offer credits, discounts, or reimbursements of any kind due to a member having not utilized their membership, the extent to which each member used or did not use their account is the sole responsibility of the member.

Plug In Vegas does not cancel subscriptions on behalf of member requests, the member is solely responsible for logging into their user account and cancelling their monthly subscription.

Members may cancel their monthly subscription at any time right from within their user account under the 'My Subscription' tab.

When a member successfully cancels their monthly subscription within their user account they will not receive any future charges past their current paid term.

The member takes full responsibility if they fail to cancel their monthly subscription.

The member takes full responsibility if they fail to cancel their monthly subscription prior to their account's auto-renewal term date. 

Please note: If your monthly invoice is already processing from your payment method, cancelling your membership account will not stop the already in-process transaction.